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“Be in this world as if you were a stranger or traveller along a path.”


Our vision

Wayfarer’s Lantern formed to respond to the growing challenge of providing grounded and contextualised sacred knowledge to the broader community.

Our vision is to establish a community hub that assists both the individual and the collective in traversing a path to realise their full potential.

Wayfarer’s Lantern aims to:

  • Provide access to relevant Sacred Knowledge that is grounded in the tradition;

  • Be a source of light and benefit to all those we engage with; and

  • Foster a community of wayfarers that provide mutual assistance on the path of religious and spiritual transformation.

Our teachers


Ustadh Salim Moeladawilah

Ustadh Salim is the scholar in residence at Wayfarer’s Lantern. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Ustadh Salim completed his primary and secondary education before enrolling in first a computer science, and later, agricultural sciences degree at the University of Melbourne.

It was during this time where Ustadh Salim developed his thirst for the pursuit of true knowledge. This quest led him back to his ancestral roots in the southern Hadramawt Valley of Yemen, where he spent some 10 years studying the religious sciences. Here he had the opportunity to study a number of traditional texts in jurisprudence, hadith, creed and the Quranic sciences with some of the foremost scholars of our time.

After returning to Melbourne in 2017, Ustadh Salim accepted a pastoral care and mentor role at a local school. Ustadh Salim is currently enrolled in a Sociology, Anthropology and History degree and continues to teach on a regular basis with various community organisations. He currently resides with his family in Melbourne, Australia.